Tell us about yourself and your company RadiantREIT.

I am the co-founder and head of originations at RadiantREIT,and I lead other ventures in the solar and real estate industries as a managing partner of Spano Partners Holdings, a real estate investment firm. I am also the co-founder of My-Resi, an energy storage development company. I am the founder and president of the New Jersey Solar Grid Supply Association (NJSGSA), vice president of the Mid-Atlantic Solar & Storage Industry Association (MSSIA), on the board of the International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA), a founding member of The CleanTech Leaders Roundtable, and an advisory board member to several renewable energy companies in the United States. My background in real estate, land development and project finance, combined with my passion for solar energy, led me to co-found RadiantREIT with my business partner, Jeff Just, in 2018. RadiantREIT will be the first solar mortgage real estate investment trust, and will offer developers comprehensive, cradle-to-grave financing that enables more self-ownership and healthier balance sheets.

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