Transforming Solar Financing

Solar projects are secure, long-term infrastructure.  RadiantREIT offers one-stop financing of construction loans, tax equity and flexible mortgage loans for small to mid-sized developers underserved in the market today.

Giving Solar Developers the Credit They Deserve

RadiantREIT will be the first firm to apply the proven mortgage REIT model to the solar industry. Both developers of new projects and owners of existing solar assets looking to refinance can realize significant benefits with loans from RadiantREIT including:

  • Enabling more solar project development by aligning debt terms with the asset’s operational life
  • Lowering a project’s overall cost of capital and increasing the net operating income of a project, creating a higher loan-to-value ratio
  • Better debt service coverage ratios
  • Breaking the cycle of portfolio aggregation and providing developers with the option to maintain ownership of a project
  • Ensuring positive cash flows over the lifetime of a solar project
  • A one-stop shop for funding needs, including construction debt, tax equity and long-term mortgages.

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