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Our Solution: Solar Mortgage REITs

RadiantREIT will be the first firm to bring the proven mortgage REIT model to the solar industry. Small and midsize project developers that do not have the balance sheet or institutional partners to secure optimal financing in today’s market will especially benefit from a solar mortgage REIT.

Are you a small- to mid-sized solar developer thinking about applying for a new loan? Click here to find out if the solar mortgage REIT is right for you or learn more about the options available to you.

RadiantREIT will focus on two key areas: new project funding, and refinancing equity and short-term bank debt by working with tax equity investors and banks. Both developers of new projects and owners of existing solar assets looking to refinance can consider RadiantREIT’s offerings.

Solar developers capture more value from projects they originate, if they can move them along the development process through construction. RadiantREIT eliminates the capital constraints for these developers, enabling them to sell at later stages and capture more value from long-term ownership, while retaining positive cash flows for their business. A RadiantREIT case study of a 2.50 MW project illustrates the options to developers and the benefits RadiantREIT financing offers.

Typical NTP Sale
Most small and medium developers are forced to sell at Notice to Proceed (NTP) because they cannot access financing to cover the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) cost.

Access to RadiantREIT Financing
The loan provides developers the cash to pay the EPC cost and get a project to COD. Since developers rely on cash to invest in their next project, the loan also provides a cashback component, which can be up to 50% of the developer’s margin at NTP-subject only to acceptable cash flows.

Enabling COD Sale
Commercial operation date (COD) indicates when a project is fully operational and can begin selling power. Selling at COD offers huge increases in value than selling at NTP. In this example, it increased the developer margin when sold by $0.9M, resulting in a 220% increase in developer profit.

Cash Flows From Full Ownership
If developers don’t sell at COD, they see even greater returns on their investments through long- term ownership. It provides recurring revenue to support a growing business.

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