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The Realities of Solar Debt

Project developers in today’s solar market often need to sell their projects to aggregators because of the difficulty of putting together a cap stack of construction and long-term debt and tax equity. RadiantREIT will be a one-stop source of all capital needs, with minimal sponsor equity, for the full term of the project. This allows developers to build their business and own their projects.

Traditional financing often includes high upfront fees, onerous debt service coverage ratios, friction costs and other barriers. Large project developers have an easier time finding a solution that works with these terms, but many small to mid-size developers cannot. Solar projects often include 15 to 20 year contracts, which means that the standard “mini-perm” bank loans available to developers are not in line with the operational life of a project.

This creates an unsustainable pattern of project financing that is comparable to buying a house with a car loan. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Solar mortgage REITs can give developers the opportunity to own their assets and break the existing financing cycle. Fill out our Expression of Interest form to learn more about RadiantREIT’s offerings.

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